Thursday, December 1, 2011

Delta F508

Dear sweet Kate,

You had a four month check up with our local pediatrician on Tuesday and she had the results of your genetic testing.  Your Dad and I gave you one copy each of the same mutated gene so your mutation is double Delta F508.  Your brothers and sister each got two healthy copies. Each of them, unbeknownst to us at the time, had a 1 in 4 chance of having CF for the same reasons you do.  It's so complicated to explain so I'd encourage anyone reading this to Google it for yourself and sift through the information.  For you, Kate, it simply means we know what type you have so that as treatments progress we'll know what you will be eligible for.  It's funny that I had so much peace and saw the words immediately amidst a slew of information on the test results.  God continues to cover me with so.much.peace. about you.  It could be that you are doing SO WELL that I still live in a state of denial.  You have had no respiratory issues at all so far, and we have been compliant with your treatments.  You weighed 13# 1.9oz on Tuesday, and I'm just thrilled.  You are thriving, cooing, rolling over, laughing, and being just generally perfect.  You bring us all so much joy! 

As we head into the Christmas season I think of what Mary might have felt as she anticipated Jesus' birth.  I shared at church on November 20th that a year prior I had been so discouraged and was not sure we would be able to have another child.  It wasn't happening in my timing, for sure.  That evening I had taken an early pregnancy test, and there was the first sign that you were with us!  I was shocked and so happy.  I had no idea how much our lives would change within a year.  I can only imagine how Mary felt carrying the long awaited Messiah.  She had no idea how life would change for her after his birth. I can relate to those feelings.  The birth of any child is life-changing, but your birth and subsequent four months have brought the greatest truths, joys, sorrows and lessons to the forefront of our lives. 

I was so grateful to be able to pray with thankfulness for you and your brothers and sister at Thanksgiving.  You have brought so much delight with your sweet smiles and how people have loved us through the hard days.  I stand in awe of the Lord's goodness.  I am excited about this Christmas season and am so thankful for the promises God had made to send a Savior that were fulfilled in a humble stable so long ago.  The world changed forever in the moment of Jesus' birth, and my world is forever changed by yours, dear Kate.


  1. Such sweet news that sweet Kate continues to thrive. My prayers remain with you and your family. I am believing for a miraculous life of victory for this beautiful baby girl you have been blessed with. Love you guys!